I am a professional dive instructor through SDI/TDI (Instructor #25033), SNSI (Instructor #24606), and NAUI (Instructor #53783). Currently I offer technical dive training through TDI, SNSI, and NAUI TEC, and teach in a variety of environments including both fresh and saltwater.

For my day job I am a Medical Doctor  by training, working in research, and am a partner in Deep 6 Gear, a dive equipment manufacturing company. During my free time you can often find me out diving, either from the beach, from a boat, or in cave country. Currently, I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where I spend most of my time. My diving activities have taken me to Honduras, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Grenada in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean around Spain, and all around the Georgia, Florida, and Alabama areas.

Please take a look at my course listing for some of the courses I offer. Courses can be tailored and arranged to meet your specific training needs. If you have any questions please use my contact information on the Contact page.

Course Listing

Below is a focused list of the courses I teach, with a complete listing link at the bottom of the page

Core Recreational Courses:
Scuba Diver
Advanced Scuba Diver
Rescue Scuba Diver
Master Scuba Diver

Recreational Specialties:
EANx (Nitrox)
Full Face Mask
Solo Diver
Hunting & Collecting
DPV Diver

TDI Open-Circuit Technical Courses:
Intro to Tech
TDI Nitrox
TDI Sidemount
Advanced Nitrox
Decompression Procedures
Helitrox Diver
Trimix Diver
TDI Technical DPV
Technical Divemaster

TDI Closed-Circuit Technical Courses:
Evolution/Inspiration Air Diluent CCR
Evolution/Inspiration Air Diluent Decompression CCR

NAUI Specific Technical Courses:
Intro to Tech
Technical Sidemount Diver
Technical Decompression Diver (Advanced Nitrox and Decompression)
Technical Support Leader (TSL)
Helitrox Diver

SNSI Specific Technical Courses:
Sidemount Diver
Essential Tek Diver
Wreck Trek Diver (wreck penetration)
Recreational Deco Diver (-150ft/45m)
Explorer Diver 1 (-170ft/-51m)
Explorer Diver 1 Extended / Trimix Option (-200ft/60m)
Explorer Diver 2 (-240ft/-72m)

Non-Diving Courses:
Deep6 Equipment Service Clinic
Nitrox Gas Blending
Advanced Gas Blending (Trimix)
Equipment O2 Service Technician

First Aid Courses:
First Aid for Dive Professionals
CPR for Health Care Providers with First Aid
Diving Emergency Management Provider
(First Aid, AED, CPR, Blood Borne Pathogens, Emergency O2, Aquatic Injuries, Neurological Assessment)
*any of the above individual units can be taught separately

Leadership and Professional Courses:
Assistant Instructor

Special Program Courses:
Adaptive/Scubility Scuba
(for disabled students)
*servicemen trained for FREE if possible

If you have any questions or would like further explanation about any courses I offer, please contact me!

Click for a complete list of courses I am authorized to teach.

About Me

My Educational Background:

M.D. – Saint George’s University – 2018
M.B.A – Saint George’s University – 2019

M.S. – Biology – Valdosta State University – 2012
Thesis: Computational Studies of the Cu-taxol Complex: An Analysis of Solubility and Stability

B.S. – Biology, minor Chemistry – Valdosta State University – 2008
B.A. – History – Valdosta State University – 2008

Dive History:

My personal dive training progression began with an open water course in Honduras, after which I took my Nitrox, Advanced, and Rescue diving courses on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Wishing to continue my dive training, I started a NAUI Divemaster internship program at my local dive shop while attending Valdosta State University. After gaining experience as a divemaster, I became a recreational instructor and technical diver, and after gaining further experience, I became a technical instructor. I offer several technical courses for experienced divers through multiple agencies, including both open circuit and closed circuit training. I am also certified for visual tank inspection through SCIDI, and am a BLS Instructor with the AHA.

Aside from direct diving activities, I have received additional certification and training including BLS, ACLS, PALS, DMAC L1 (Medical Examiner of Divers), and DMAC 2D (Physicians Training in Diving Medicine). I always enjoy expanding my base of knowledge, as it provides a wider educational experience for students.

I have previously lived in Grenada diving and teaching for two and half years. I have over 10 years of experience in the dive industry at multiple levels, from teaching all the way up to product development and manufacturing. As a technical diver I hold several certifications from multiple agencies including TDI, SNSI, NAUI, and IANTD. Certifications include but are not limited to Normoxic Trimix, Evolution/Inspiration CCR Rebreather, Optima CCR, Closed Circuit Decompression, Closed Circuit Mixed Gas Diluent (Trimix), Closed Circuit Full Trimix (Hypoxic) ,and full cave.

Course Fees

General Training Guidelines:

1.) Day listings are estimates, dive listings are minimums, courses may need to run longer to work on skills if necessary, and usually include other dives.
2.) For technical training, 1 dive needs to be conducted before the start of the course to evaluate your skills unless we have prior experience together.
3.) For technical training, student is responsible for trimix fills, oxygen fills, boat fees, site entry fees, materials, etc.
4.) For recreational training, student is responsible for boat trips, if preferred or required, and materials.
5.) Certification is separate from the course, and received once earned.
5.) If time allows we will do extra dives outside of training for additional experience, no additional fee on my part, however training takes a priority over extra experience dives.

Recreational training is done on a per day basis for $200/day.

Technical training is done on a per day basis for $250/day.

Checkout dives are done for $100.

Contact me for special pricing on combining courses, recreational courses, or any unlisted courses.

Course Fee Minimums for Technical Training:

Individual TDI Courses:
TDI Intro to Tech – 3 days / 4 dives – $750
TDI Advanced Nitrox – 3 days / 4 dives – $750
TDI Decompression Procedures – 3 days / 4 dives – $750
TDI Helitrox – 3 days / 4 dives – $750
TDI Trimix Diver – 3 days / 4 dives – $750
TDI Sidemount – 3 days / 4 dives – $750
TDI Technical DPV – 1 day / 2 dives -$250

Individual TDI CCR Courses:
AP Evolution/Inspiration Air Diluent – 5 days / 7 dives – $1250
AP Evolution/Inspiration Air Diluent Decompression – 6 days / 7 dives – $1500

Combined TDI Courses:
TDI Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures – 6 days / 6 dives – $1500
TDI Intro to Tech, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures – 7 days / 8 dives – $1750
TDI Sidemount, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures -7 days / 8 dives – $1750
TDI Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Helitrox – 7 days / 10 dives – $1750
TDI Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Helitrox, Intro to Tech OR Sidemount – 9 days / 12 dives – $2250

Individual NAUI Tech Courses:
Intro to Tech – 3 days / 4 dives – $750
Technical Sidemount Diver – 2 days / 2 dives – $500
Technical Decompression Diver (Advanced Nitrox and Decompression) – 6 days / 7 dives – $1500
Technical Support Leader (TSL) – 2 days / 3 dives – $600
Helitrox Diver 3 days / 4 dives – $750

Combined NAUI Tech Courses:
Technical Decompression Diver combined with Helitrox diver – 7 days / 10 dives – $1750

Individual SNSI Courses:
Sidemount Diver – 3 days / 3 dives – $600
Essential Tek Diver – 3 days / 4 dives – $750
Wreck Trek Diver (penetration) – 2.5 days / 3 dives – $625
Recreational Deco Diver (-150ft/45m) – 3 days / 4 dives – $750
Explorer Diver 1 (-170ft/-51m) – 6 days – 6 dives – $1500
Explorer Diver 1 Extended / Trimix Option (-200ft/60m) – 7 days – 8 dives – $1750
Explorer Diver 2 (-240ft/-72m) – 3 days / 4 dives – $750

Non-Diving courses are done on a set price per person basis, each course can be done in 1 day:

Non-Diving Courses:
Deep6 Equipment Service Clinic – $200
Nitrox Gas Blending – $200
Advanced Gas Blending (Trimix) – $250
O2 Service Technician – $200


If you are interested in any courses I teach, or have any questions, please contact me so we can further discuss our options. I’ll do my best to get back to you with in 48 hours after receiving your email or phone call.

Landon Lasseter – TDI 25033 / SNSI 24606 / NAUI 53783
Telephone: 229-891-0192
Email: landon@deep6gear.com
Work Website: www.deep6gear.com

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